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To be eligible for Points:

To be eligible for the allocation of points with the Equine Performance Registry of Australia (EPRA) you must be a financial member and your horse must be registered in your name, family or stud with EPRA.

Points can be given to horses, riders and trainers

N.B: The rider will only obtain points if a horse is registered within their immediate family (father, mother, brother, sister or grandparents).

Trainers are eligible to obtain points and money earning for all events and are in a standalone end of year Title of “EPRA Trainer of the Year”.

All horses must be shown/campaigned under their EPRA registered name.

Submission of Points: 

Download an official EPRA Show Result Form here.

All EPRA Show Results Forms, must be completed in their entirety and must be accompanied with a program or notification of the event, a run sheet or draw must also be submitted. A separate form must be completed for each horse, however, only one copy of the program is required.

EPRA points year runs 1st January to 31st December.  All results are to be submitted as soon as possible.   The deadline for submission of points for the previous year (1st January – 31st December) is 31st January of the following year.  Points submitted any later than this will still be recorded, however will not be used in the calculation of the end of year Australian titles of the previous year.

Points Awarded:

The EPRA list of Approved Performance Bodies (Associations & Societies) appears on our website.

Points will be earned on the actual number of horses exhibited in the class (refer to the EPRA Points Chart).

Where horses compete in pairs or a team, each pair or team constitutes one entry. Points are divided and awarded to each competitor. In the case of a tie the points are added together then divided and awarded equally.

Any approved event /show run under any of the Approved Performance Bodies (Associations & Societies) will obtain points, providing the events are approved and run under the rules of the Approved Performance Bodies (Associations & Societies) and are on the approved program for that event/show.

Only the classes on the program that have been approved will be allocated points.

Any event/show that you must qualify for you will receive double points.

If you attend a closed breed association/society event you will obtain points, however these will not be used to calculate the end of year Australian Breed Title.

Any event/show that is not approved by our Approved Performance Bodies (Associations & Societies) will still receive points but will not go toward our Australian Awards.

Full Points apply for all standard events/Show;

Double Points apply for a events/show that you must qualify for; or

Triple Points apply for Grand/Supreme Champion.

Life Time Earnings:

We will not only be recording points, but money earnings, if this is applicable to your event/show.  This information will also be on our horses’ and riders’ records. To place this on your records please submit a copy of payout from the Approved Performance Bodies (Associations & Societies). 

Recording of Performance Points:

Points will be awarded for completed classes only.

No points will be allocated for Heats, cut-outs, go-rounds or eliminations.

No points will be awarded for any show, that is judged in such a way as to provide more than one result.

Performance Disciplines
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